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Why trust is a leading factor in Alternit One’s ESG strategy

In today's business environment, trust is paramount. Companies that prioritise Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies not only foster trust among their stakeholders but also pave the way for sustainable success. At A1, our commitment to ESG principles is a testament of our dedication to ethical practices, transparency, and long-term value creation.

This article, written by Carrie Whamond, Founding Partner, explores how trust underpins our ESG strategy and why it is a driving force in our operations.

Company values and ESG strategy overview

At A1, our company values are more than just statements; they are the foundation of our culture and the compass guiding our interactions with clients and colleagues. Integral to our ESG strategy, these values include:

● Success through service: Our "can do, will do" attitude ensures we support our clients' success through long-term, respectful partnerships.

Consistently excellent: We strive for excellence in everything we do, building trust through consistent, high-quality performance.

● Doing the right thing: Integrity and transparency are at our core, ensuring we always act in our clients' best interests.

● Respectful communication: We value diversity and promote open, respectful communication to achieve the best outcomes for everyone involved.

The process of developing our ESG strategy

Following the appointment of a specialist ESG consultant, our strategy development process included a double materiality assessment to ensure our strategy aligns with both our internal values and external expectations.

This comprehensive approach involved:

● Benchmarking against peers: We assessed our performance against industry standards to identify areas for improvement.

● Strategic pillar creation: We defined strategic pillars to support a measurable ESG strategy and implementation plan.

● Stakeholder engagement: Surveys involving staff, clients, and stakeholders were used to identify high-priority ESG topics and expectations.

As a result, several high-priority issues were identified including data security, client trust, innovation, working with clients who are a force for good, attracting and retaining talent, diversity and inclusion, and climate change.

Our ESG Strategic Pillars

To realise our ambition of becoming the most trusted outsourced Technology and Unified Communications Provider, we established four strategic pillars, each with a series of smart targets, and action plans associated with it:

1.     Trust in infrastructure

○      Priority topic: Data & Cyber Security

○      Commitment: Building digital infrastructures to ensure client safety.

2.     Trust in operations

○      Priority topic: Climate Change

○      Commitment: Reducing operational impact towards net zero and encouraging suppliers and clients to do the same.

3.     Trust in governance

○      Priority topic: Compliance & Ethics

○      Commitment: Creating transparent and trusted governance structures.

4.     Trust in people

○      Priority topic: DEI & Talent

○      Commitment: Building a diverse workforce and being a supportive employer.

By embedding these principles into our operations, we enhance every client experience, improve the working environment for our team, but also ensure long-term sustainability and success. Our approach to ESG is not just about meeting regulatory requirements or ticking boxes; it is about creating real value and making a positive impact on society and the environment.

Trust is the cornerstone of our ESG strategy at A1. By adhering to our core values and focusing on our key strategic pillars, we aim to build and maintain trust with our clients, employees, and other stakeholders alike. Our commitment to trust and transparency positions us as a responsible and forward-thinking organisation, ready to meet the challenges of the future while making a meaningful contribution to society and the environment. As we continue to evolve, our dedication to ESG principles will remain a driving force, guiding our journey towards sustainable success.

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