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Cyber Security & Compliance

Configuration of public cloud and infrastructure services - particularly when bringing together a range of third party applications can be a complex exercise - potentially exposing your organisation to unnecessary risk.  That's why security is at the heart of everything we do and forms a key part of all design and build processes.

Our range of security services is extensive - from Endpoint Detection & Response to Intrusion Detection Services - and our openness to work with external third party security firms or applications is unrivalled. 


Holistic Approach.

We view your infrastructure footprint in it's entirety when considering your potential investment in security services.


Security Layers

Any product recommendations we make are always designed to be layered and compliment existing or future additions to your security posture.


Perimeter Protection

With global and flexible working in mind, we protect your perimeter no matter where your users are working. 


Early Response

Identifying and responding to a potential security incident are key services with our SOC (security operations centre) partners.


is key.

Taking the time to consider your security and compliance requirements, then designing a posture that is both fit for purpose and achievable within the budget is essential.


Our team will work with you to consider how you work, what the regulator might require from you and what technology due diligence requirements you might have - so that you can not only protect your organisation, but present the best possible front to invested third parties. 

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