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Teams &
Voice Services

We offer an advanced Microsoft Teams solution to deliver a full communication, collaboration and telephony experience – specifically designed for the investment sector with MIFID II compliance in  mind.

Many of our clients have embraced the voice, video, messaging and document collaboration capabilities of the Teams application - bringing together users across the UK, Europe, Asia, USA, and UAE.


Our expertise lies in delivering these services to your users in a secure, compliant and redunant manner - with our deep understanding of the Microsoft suite, conditional access controls and our international telecom carrier experience, we can ensure a successful migration to your new communications platform.


Making the Complex Simple.

Our offering brings together Teams, Call Recording, Carrier Continuity and Conditional Access into an easy to use, but feature rich toolset.


Business Continuity

We integrate International Tier One Carriers  to provide resilient failover in the event of an Office365 outage.


Unify Telephony & Communications

Provide your users with a complete voice solution in the cloud.


Integrate External Applications

Integrate your third party compliance tools like voice recording, compliance archiving or surviellance tools. 



Control what data can be shared, who with and on what devices - internally or externallly. 


Teams &

Whether an existing Teams deployment, or a migration project - our consultation process will identify any potential data security risks and the strategy to deal with these - without affecting your users ability to access the feature rich application functionality, including SharePoint. 

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