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Shaping company culture at Alternit One: Part One

In November, we shared an article that explored why ‘passions outside of work help to shape company culture’ and how Alternit One (A1) seeks to ensure that this comes to life within the business. At A1, we believe that our company culture is the anchor to everything we do and we encourage our team to pursue passions outside of work as it helps people to establish a sense of balance in their lives. At the same time, pursuing passions beyond the workplace is beneficial as it gives employees the opportunity to develop transferable skills that they can use within the workplace.

Sport is a shared passion by many members of the team and is something that we collectively encourage each other to do. Elly Kirby is a Senior Account Manager who has been with the business for over a year and a half. Her role involves managing client accounts on a day-to-day basis, acting as a main point of contact for IT consultations, roadmaps and IT strategy. Elly comments “I see my role to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible and that their demands are met within the services we provide.” This can be a challenge when clients are in a stressful or time sensitive situation. Elly is a real sports enthusiast “It is true that I love all sorts of sports. I skydived for years. I love running and yoga. Over the years I have done ballet, ice skating and a lot of martial arts. In terms of how sport helps me in my work life, I would say that it helps me with teamwork, assessing problems systematically and efficiently and also taking care of my mind if I am dealing with a pressured situation. I don’t really use sports for my body although the two come hand in hand. There are always times during both work and life when we can all do with gaining a new perspective when presented with a challenge. Running really helps me with this and I use it as a tool when I'm working through how best to approach a perceived problem, both in my personal and professional life.”

Wellness and wellbeing are areas we recognise as important for the entire team at A1. Our attitude and ability at work can be shaped by how we look after ourselves and others. For Elly, as more clients return to the office, needs might change on a daily basis: “In particular, team sport has helped me to think about other people and what they need from me so we both win. It’s quite interesting because skydiving with others always made me question what I can do to make the team better. It really encouraged me to think beyond myself and my needs and how I can best serve those I am working with. I apply this way of thinking to my professional life and my day to day operations here at A1. It is really important because my role is to look after my client. So if the engineers or clients need something from each other or even from me, by thinking about their needs, I can manage myself to support them.”

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