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AV-as-a-service: is your communication suite performing

Meetings and conferences have long been a part of the corporate business world. However, since the onset of the Covid19 pandemic, the nature of these meetings has changed. Audiovisual (AV) conferencing tools have empowered businesses to embrace hybrid working models. Modern AV technology has revolutionised conference room collaboration. Before the pandemic, large conference rooms were considered a necessity, but businesses had to migrate to Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing platforms. In light of this, the demand for versatile AV services that have the capabilities to operate across multiple meeting room figurations is driving new investment. According to Globalnewsire, the pro AV sector was valued at USD 3.2 billion in 2021 and is set to grow to USD 7.92 billion by 2029.

Dean Foreman, Founding Partner at Alternit One explores the growth of the AV market and its importance in asset management

The growth of the AV market is illustrated by the demand from businesses who need high quality tools to support their hybrid operational structures. Alongside demand, the level of user experience and employee engagement is a critical factor for measuring the success of AV implementation and the overall long term business success.

The quality of AV technology for meeting rooms is extremely important, and the market is developing at pace. With high quality AV technology, businesses are able to carry out meetings efficiently and stay focused. With the right technology, meeting rooms can be places for teams to brainstorming remotely, share presentations and also collaborate with their colleagues, prospects and clients in realtime.

Inadequate AV technology can paint an entirely different story for teamwork and overall business efficiency. Businesses that operate with poor quality audio peripherals can experience a hindered performance of software collaboration with platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Underperforming technology can throw meetings off course and impact the success of the meeting. Should businesses experience this regularly, this can impact overall productivity levels and employee morale.

Developing and implementing a robust AV strategy within the workplace can transform the culture of an organisation. When done well, the strategy can bring extra added value to the operational structure of a company by harnessing collaboration and enabling flexibility. It is also an extremely valuable tool when considering business continuity.

In order to ensure that our clients can maximise the performance of their AV technology, A1 offers “AV-as-a-service”. It is important that firms spend time investing in the correct set up and configuration of the main components of their AV strategy, and also review how this impacts their conference rooms. Proper planning allows firms to select high quality camera and video equipment that functions well for all members of staff, whilst also ensuring that wireless connections that employees use are both secure and stable. We work with clients to consider how both software and hardware (such as sound bars, microphones and video display screens) are all fully supported and provide good quality outcomes. Each of our clients has a unique business model and requires a unique business outcome from their AV equipment. We have the experience in house to support these differing needs.

If you would like to learn more about how Alternit One can support your business with the implementation of AV technology, contact us today.

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