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Alternit One offers a vendor diverse solution to the alternative investment sector

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Carrie Whamond, Founding Partner at Alternit One, explains how the firm’s operational infrastructure enables the business to differentiate itself in the market and the benefits of vendor diverse implementation.

A competitive edge in the alternative investment market

Alternit One (A1) works differently. We see ourselves as the leading vendor diverse IT provider within the alternative investment market. We see the benefits every day of a more fluid, innovative and agile operating model. Being vendor diverse means we take a more neutral, technology first approach. We do not own our clients’ proprietary platforms, the technology used to run them or the underlying infrastructure(s). This is advantageous because can ensure our clients operational requirements are aligned with a high performing technology service that has been designed (built and run) by an expert team but is wholly owned by our client after implementation. Further, every network architecture we design has been done so with useability, compliance, and cyber security front of mind.

Offering vendor diverse solutions means we present our clients with technology and cybersecurity solutions by working with a mixed and talented pool of partners. Every business has its own infrastructure needs and by consequence, they need bespoke IT partnerships too. When it comes to selecting a platform to operate from, or implementing infrastructure, we can build a solution with the best possible operating outcome in mind, rather than recommending platforms based on resell value.

This ensures our clients receive a service that suits their needs and can empower their overall growth and success as a business moving forward.

The benefits of vendor diversity

Vendor diversity ensures the technology in use is ‘best fit for function’ - consequently delivering stronger business outcomes with investors and regulators, increased agility, and greater access to innovations in technology. First and foremost, by diversifying our supplier base, we can tap into the full potential of the market share of talent and technologies, subsequently we can work towards achieving best in class solutions for our clients. We are not reliant on a single supplier to provide a particular service, helping firms enhance their day-to-day business flow by increasing their overall efficiency, whilst optimising their risk management and ability to scale.

Firms in the alternative investment industry should be seeking vendors who offer more technology agility. The pace of digital transformation demands that firms must keep up with key developments. This strategy will make firms more resilient to market changes. A good IT vendor should support clients to embrace digital transformation, providing guidance on new technologies and innovation. Our goal is to provide our AIM client base with resilience during rapid digital change – be that reducing or scaling footprint. We strive to work alongside our clients to ensure they can align their business models and operational structures to be successful in a digital world. If you would like to learn more about

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